Eid-al-Fitr 2017


Eid this year was on the 26th of June and Ramadan ended with twenty-nine days in the month. Eid is my favorite time of the year. I love Eid mostly because the country is on a holiday and everyone is celebrating. I love the food, the clothes and the company, what more does one need when taking a break from their busy lives.

I wore a top that I got as a gift and a pair of black leggings, I didn’t dress up nor did I do my makeup as I wasn’t going out and didn’t plan on taking pics then. On the first day of Eid my family and I had guests over for lunch and later on after they all left we had some family friends over and were catching-up over tea and zarda that my mother prepared in the evening. For lunch my mother cooked the usual, chicken biryani (made with spices, rice and meat), beef shami kebab, raita, beef bhuna (medium, thick sauce, some vegetables) and a salad made out of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions tossed in salt and green chillies.

Most people around my age go out with friends on the first day of Eid and its been a custom as long as I can recall. There is no rule on how to celebrate but most people spend time with family till the afternoon and go see their friends in the evening in the most fanciest restaurants and take hundreds of pictures. I did this on the second day of Eid except I didn’t take pictures with my friends but posted on Snapchat of my day while I was with them. My friend came over and we spent some time at my place till our other friends were out and heading all at the same place. I finally wore my kameez that is made out of denim and has matching blue embroidery with a matching shade of blue and black ombré dupatta and black leggings. I loved my OOTD but sadly don’t have a picture to show for it but on will do soon on another blog post so stay tuned.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

My friend and I first picked up two of our friends and headed to Banani where some of the best restaurants and cafes are located and where everyone around the nearby towns hangout on most holidays. We went to a restaurant called The Manhattan Fish Market where all four of us ordered the same dishes, fish and chips and mussels. My friends and I shared the mussels in pairs and overall the food was tasty and filling, I brought home a bit of my fish from my fish and chips. From there we headed to a friend’s place at Banani and spent rest of the evening there talking and laughing. I got home before ten with very little time spent stuck in traffic. One of the best things about Eid time are the empty roads and crowds, it takes minutes to go from one town to another and usually on a normal day takes hours, I’m not exaggerating a bit!

2017-06-29 12.10.24 1_01

I was suppose to go visit my friends again on the third day but didn’t go and spent the day at home with my mother. The same week on Saturday I went out with my friends and met up with a friend who was out visiting Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar on Eid day. This outing I would include in my Eid celebrations as we’er still in our Eid holiday mood and break from school and work. All four of us went to a restaurant at Banani called Hakka Dhaka with an Uber. My first experience in both cases though the uber cars had the stench of cigarettes. The food at the restaurant was amazing but I always love Chinese food with spices so food as such I will enjoy. We ate fried-rice, Mongolian beef, prawns in tomato sauce and two kinds of chicken dishes in mushrooms, ginger and onions which to me tasted the same. Eid break ended a few days ago depending on the places where people go to work and school. Had such a blast can’t wait for Eid-al-Adha and do these all over again!


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